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Wear-resistant rubber liners

  • Resistance to wear and corrosion, service life is twice longer than other rubber
  • Low noise, noise is reduced by more than 18 dB
  • Simple installation, convenient maintenance and management
  • Wear – resistant rubber liners with high comprehensive performance are applied to fields that need to resist wear and corrosion.

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Wear-resistant rubber liners

Wear – resistant rubber liners high resistance to wear and corrosion, long service life

Xinhai rubber called “the king of rubber” is the most wear – resistant rubber in wet slurry condition, which adopts the Xinhai wet processing wear – resistant rubber technology. The service life is twice longer than other rubber.

Easy installation, effectively reduce the noise pollution

Rubber liners with low noise not only improve the working condition, but also provide convenience to manage and maintain the mineral processing equipment

Xinhai wear – resistant rubber liners, high comprehensive performance, wide application

Excellent wear resistance, light weight, easy installation, low consumption, energy saving, long service life, low noise; they are excellent accessories of milling equipment applied in wear and corrosive fields, such as mine, metallurgy, iron, nonferrous metal, construction, mills, etc.


Which equipment does the wear – resistant rubber liners applied to?

Rod mill, autogenous mill, ball mill, damp mill, ceramic mill, blender, ore washer, etc.

How to choose wear – resistant rubber liners?

When customers buy wear – resistant rubber liners, they should choose liners according to the operation condition. Please consult with manufacturer.

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